Visiting the Club

“The North Channel Yacht Club offers the best overall boating experience in the world. Come visit us someday, in Spragge, Ontario.”

Q. Where is the North Channel Yacht Club?

A. Our club is located in Serpent Harbour, which is on the on the north shore of Lake Huron, approximately half-way between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury on the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 17 East/West).

Q. How do I get to you by water?

A. Serpent Harbour is almost directly north of John Island and runs parallel to the Whalesback Channel, one of the most beautiful areas in the World. See the map below for a rough illustration.

Note: This map should not be used for navigation purposes.

Q. What are your visitor fees?

A. Our 2020 visitor fees are (subject to change):

  • Dockage – $1.50/ft
  • Mooring – $1/ft
  • Showers – $3/day
  • Parking – $5/day
  • Small boat launch – $5/day
  • Pump out – $15 (if available from member)

Note: Visitor docking/mooring includes use of showers, BBQ and electrical hookup.

Q. What are your member-guest fees?

A. Our 2022 member-guest fees are (subject to change):

  • Parking – free
  • Showers – free
  • Camping – $10 per day

Ice is available for $5 per bag/block

Please Note:

  • Cash is the preferred method of payment. For all cheques issued in US funds, please add an additional $20.00 for Canadian Bank service fees.
  • Sorry, fuel services are no longer available.