Spring Letter from Commodore

Dear Fellow Members,

Welcome to Spring 2023, I hope you have all fared well this winter.

I drove past the Serpent River Falls yesterday and they are in full flood. It is very early but it’s been a mild winter up here. There are 4 inches of ice at the end of the service dock compared to March 1 last year there was 10 inches at this time. The river is even starting to grey up, off the flagpole.

Your Management Committee has been very busy this year. Our new treasurer John has put in a lot of work this winter. The biggest win for his efforts is our new ability for the membership to view in real time expenditures over the years by department on our assets maintenance and how much was spent in capital and work hours on their retention and eventually the MC prediction on replacement.

Our new yards member at large Raymond Bouchard is knee deep in plans to improve our housekeeping and bring our rail system up to NCYC standards including the launch rail. He also took on our membership hourly contribution system. Raymond has a super modern Idea of using an app to assign and record work. Good for Raymond but can I do that from a rotary phone?

Our Fleet Captain is getting prepared for the low water season for our launch and boating activities.

See the picture below.

Dan on Equipment has had our main haul out winch rebuilt by a major rebuild provider in Sudbury. These guys have worked for all the major mines in Sudbury for over 40 years. He has also ordered the parts to fix the start problems on the hoe. And has ordered a new rope for the main winch. Be aware that boat carts may move a tad faster.

Piper on buildings has our cleaning lady, Lee retained for this year and also she is getting Ian and his two daughters to help us perform inspections on our buildings. For our insurance.

Mike Dupuis, thank goodness has come back to the MC to take over the water portfolio and is in the process of getting us a new raw water intake filter and pump check valves for our upcoming season. Thanks Mike.

Our vice Commodore Michael is getting ready to be our next Commodore when I die of a flippen heart attack.

Leighton our rear commodore has been kept very very busy dotting my eyes and crossing my tees. Think of it like Queen Victoria turning over control to Fred Flintstone.

All in all we are in great shape and are looking forward to a super year.\

Remember Covid is still with us. In short, if in doubt please self-test. If you test positive please stay home.

Now outside the MC.

Our fellow member Dax, who I am sure most of you know, works in the clothing industry. He has put a great deal of time into creating a line of appeal that sports the NCYC logo. We are awaiting a formal proposal with more information to follow.

Because our Commodore is automatically a member of all Committees as per our constitution I have taken an active role in that dingy dock that seems permanently parked on our shore. I have been successful in contacting a majority of the committee and I have a plan to move ahead with construction.

Please contact me with any and all questions and concerns during our upcoming boating year.

Paul Patterson
Commodore NCYC